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Bonded Leather

The beauty of leather, sold by the yard

About Bonded Leather Fabric

Bonded leather is an affordable and easy-to-use alternative to using leather hides in upholstery projects. Bonded leather fabric is made of real leather scraps and fibers adhered together with a vinyl-like substance, usually polyurethane. One of the biggest benefits of bonded leather is that it sells for a fraction of the costs of “genuine leather,” even though genuine leather is one of the main ingredients in any bonded leather. And, with proper cleaning and maintenance, bonded leather can last for many years, making it an incredible value.

Bonded Leather Advantages/Uses

While not as durable as whole pieces of leather hides, bonded leather is still used quite often in upholstery. One of the key factors in the choice between bonded leather and leather hides for upholstery projects is that bonded leather is produced in rolls and can be cut to any length, whereas leather hides can be awkwardly shaped and often require piecing together. Thanks to bonded leather, leather material can be bought online by the yard for the first time!

Bonded leather has traditionally been used for Bible covers, belts, shoes, and handbags. In fact, some of Sir's most loyal customers are accessory designers who make their own purses, shoes, handbags, and other great pieces using our bonded leather material!

The beauty of bonded leather fabric is so often indistinguishable from leather hides that the two are used side-by-side to stretch every dollar while maintaining a "genuine leather" classification. Did you know that most leather sofas and car interiors are actually bonded leather everywhere except for where you actually sit down? No need to find identical pieces of hide to transform you furniture!

Bonded Leather Safety & Eco-friendliness
Because bonded leather is made from scraps of larger hides collected during the early stages of the tanning process, bonded leather contains considerably lower amounts of many of the harsh chemicals used to tan hides, especially formaldehyde. Also, because the early stages of the tanning process prevents the leather from breaking down naturally, bonded leather is a recycled material that prevents the non-biodegradable leather scraps from adding to local landfills.

Bonded Leather Fabric Care Tips

There are special steps you can take to be sure that your bonded leather furniture, accents, and accessories lasts as long as possible.
First and foremost, bonded leather can begin to crack if left in direct sunlight for extended periods, so it may not be the best choice for your sunroom or patio.
Second, don't use harsh, drying detergents and cleaners (especially alcohol). Instead, wipe bonded leather down with a damp cloth regularly to keep soil from building up.
Finally, treat your bonded leather as if it were genuine leather. That means protecting it from scratches and using liquid vinyl to seal scratches when they occur. It is also recommended that you treat it occasionally with leather conditioner.

The one piece of furniture Sir's doesn't recommend bonded leather for is living room sofas. You'll see, smell, and feel everything you love about a leather sofa, but only for a few years.
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