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Fabric Charts and Measurement Tips

Use these helpful resources to make sure you are buying the yardage you need!

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Bedspread and Coverlet Yardage Requirements

Throw or Gusset Style Bedspread

Bed Size
Fabric Required
Number of Panels
Twin 8.5 yds. 2
Full 8.5 yds. 2
Queen 12.5 yds. 3
King 12.5 yds. 3

Throw or Gusset Style Coverlet

Bed Size
Fabric Required
Number of Panels
Twin 8 yds. 2
Full 8 yds. 2
Queen 9 yds. 2
King 12 yds. 3

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Window Treatments - up to 54" long

Single Window
Double Window
Balloon Shades
4 yds.
8 yds.
Roman Shades
2 yds. 4 yds.
Swags and Cascades
5 yds. 7 yds.


45" Fabric
54" Fabric
30" Round
5 1/4 yds.
5 1/4 yds.
36" Round
8 1/4 yds. 5 1/2 yds.
48" Round
9 1/4 yds. 6 1/4 yds.
51" Round
9 3/4 yds. 9 3/4 yds.
60" Round
10 1/4 yds. 10 1/4 yds.

Shower Curtains -- 5 yards
Shower Valance -- 3 yards


54" wide fabric

  • Twin & Full -- 5 yards
  • Queen & King -- 7 yards


  • Twin & Full -- 8 yards
  • Queen & King -- 12 yards


  • Twin & Full -- 7 yards
  • Queen & King -- 9 yards

Measuring Tips
  • Use a metal measuring tape, never use cloth.
  • Write down all measurements, making sure the width and length are properly labeled.
  • Be accurate. Round measurements to the nearest one eighth inch (1/8").
  • Double check all measurements.
  • Measure all windows, even if they appear to be the same size.
  • An inside mount refers to blinds that are mounted inside the opening of a window frame. This mount is a very common way to cover windows and furnishes a very clean look. To use an inside mount, your soffit must be at least one inch (1") deep.
  • An outside mount refers to blinds that are mounted outside the opening of a window frame, either to the wood frame/trim of the window or to a wall. The blinds will overlap the window providing optimal privacy and light blockage, . This mount is perfect for windows with a shallow soffit depth. Outside mount blinds need a flat surface for mounting.
  • Measure the width in three different places: top, middle, and bottom as shown in Figure 1. For an inside mount, use the shortest width.
  • Measure the length in three different places: left, middle, and bottom as shown in Figure 2. Use the longest measurement except when measuring for vertical blinds.
Figure 1

Figure 2
Mini Blinds, Pleated Shades

Inside Mount

To mount your shade inside your window frame, your soffit must be at least one inch (1")deep. Measure the opening width, A, in three places: top, middle and bottom(as shown at right). Record the narrowest of the three dimensions.

Measure the length, B, in three places: right, middle, and left and record the largest measurement.

Outside Mount

Measure the total width, C, to be covered and make sure that your measurement overlaps the opening by at least one and a half inches (1.5") on each side. Record this measurement.

Measure the length, D, in three places: left, middle, and right from at least one and a half inches (1.5") above the soffit to the window sill. For windows without a sill add one and a half inches (1.5") to the bottom. Record this measurement.

Vertical Blinds

Outside Mount

Measure the desired width, C, where the headrail will be installed. The width must overlap the door or window by at least four inches (4") on each side to ensure privacy and proper stacking of the blinds when open. Record this measurement.

Measure the length, D, of the window in three places: left, center, and right. Take the smallest of these measurements and record it.


Measure the desired width, A, where the rod will be installed.

Measure the length from the rod to the place you would like your draperies to hang. The rod should at least four inches (4") above the window. Measure the length, B, if you want a windowsill length drapery. Measure the length, C, if you want a an apron length drapery. Or, measure the length, D, if you desire a floor length drapery. Record this measurement.


Measure the width, A, of the bed. Record this measurement.

Measure the length, B, of the bed. Record this measurement.

Measure the drop, C, of the bed. The drop is from the top of the mattress to approximately one half inch (1/2") from the floor. Record this measurement.

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