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Folding Fabric Like the Pros

An infographic by Sir's Fabrics

Infographic: Folding Fabric like the Pros - By Sir's Fabrics

Ammo in your war on fabric storage

We've sold fabric for over half a century, so no one knows better than we do that big remnants can be hard to store. Luckily, we have a solution! By following these step-by-step instructions, you can make flat folds Sir's Fabric style. These flat folds are usually 9" to 11" wide, depending on the thickness of your fabric, and the length of the flat fold is usually about half of the total width of the fabric (27" for a 54" fabric). This folding technique is great for stacking fabric in closets, on tables, and in some tight spaces. Also, especially wide fabrics can be tri-folded on Step 6 to keep the flat fold from getting to long. We hope you find this infographic useful, and that it helps you clear some space to buy more fabric for your collection!

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